Friday’s Fighty Mental Exercise

Inspired by what will go down in the history as the Comic Con where DC owned Marvel’s ass, (Days of Ultron? Push off, we’ve got BATMAN FIGHTING SUPERMAN), this week’s Mental Exercise is all about the question: who’d win in a fight between…

Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, videogames have shown the inevitable mash-up future.  As did I, here in this shameless plug (Editor’s note: it’s crap, I wouldn’t bother).

SO anyway.

Pick your fighters, then explain in your mind which one would win and why.

Some examples to get you started:

Darth Vader vs BA Baracus from the A Team.  Do you pity the fool that messes with Mr T, or does he end up fixing the breaks on the Death Star?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Edward Cullen from Twilight.  It was going well until he cracked out his sad face and diamond skin, then Buffy totally killed him without breaking a sweat.  Because he’s a creep and a wetbag.

Wolverine vs Bugs Bunny.  Basically, bring a chair and some refreshments because neither can die so this one might take a while.

As ever, fighter combos, winners and reasons welcome in the comments below (don’t all rush at once).    


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fighty Mental Exercise

  1. Buffy would win (no doubt) if she found Edward worth the bother (questionable).

    Essentially I’ve got nothing for this one. Daredevil vs The Invisible Man? I’m sure there’s some sort of statement about equal opponents to be made with these two, but it’s not coming to me.

  2. Splinter vs. Itchy … rodent warfare. Splinter clearly a trained warrior would take the upperhand with some very strategic blows to the kidneys. However Itchy has more of a Krav Maga fighting style, he is willing to use anything within reach. Unfortunately for Splinter this fight started on a mouse trap board, ithcy just took his head off with an old boot. This fight is over.. O no wait, 4 turtles are kicking the sh1t out of itchy, well 3 are, one is just eating pizza and being a total tool. that god damn michelangelo.

    1. To be fair he’s tired out, poor chap; been up all night carving naked dudes out of blocks of marble and painting ceilings and all that.

      Regarding the fight: Splinter’s fault – he agreed to prison rules.

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