TV Comedy: 1 Line Reviews

There are some shows I’ve wanted to write about but have been too lazy or stupid to get to grips with. There are others in which the writing was as unremittingly bitter as Miss Havisham’s coffee (ahemMrsBrown’sBoysandMirandaahem).

Some I liked some I didn’t. See if you can spot the difference.

Mrs Brown’s Boys

Some motherfuckers do ‘ave ‘em.

House of Lies

Even lies about the existence of a house. And about being a drama.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

An incredibly poor decision by David Cross.


Enough nudity, it feels like we’re paying for your therapy. Otherwise, I heart Girls: the tits.

New Girl

Not even a new schtick for Zooey Deschanel.

It’s Kevin

It is Kevin, but sadly it’s not Kevin being funny.


All involved ought to be arrested.


PS: post number 69, hur hur hur etc


9 thoughts on “TV Comedy: 1 Line Reviews

    1. I actually quite like it because of whatsisface – the vain, obsessive and camp room-mate.

      And don’t hate yourself – there’s nothing wrong with the occasional smack of tv wallpaper.

  1. The only one I’ve watched on this list is New Girl, and I love that show. No thinking involved, just watching these thirty year old sort out their messy lives – and all the room-mates are different and entertaining in their own way. I really enjoyed the season finale last night.

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