When Carlos Tévez Claimed He Was Treated Like A Dog By Roberto Mancini

Wel…come to Manchester, it is dark early and it rains.  One restaurant, shut away in the dark I miss my children and wife in Argentina, let me go free, set me free Mannncheen.  E.  I want to run and I play well, but the rednosed old man with angry in his voice won’t let me, he won’t buy me from these chains, so I must be force to play for the Blues COME ON you Blues. They say Welcome, but the dark is too soon at night and my family is forever cold.  They say Welcome but their eyes say you Carlito, you we do not trust, they give band for arm. Say this is not chains, but the smooth man new he does not believe.  My family.  Inter has better light, PSG better food problems, I want to run and eat and chase and score goalaaaaccticos.  New man is otter-smooth.  He send me to see family, I write in words I want to leave, Carlito begs smooth man to set free, but smooth man says no you Carlito, you bad and rips cloth from sleeve. 

Bad Carlito, you stay.  Bad Carlito does not understand smooth man, smooth man has many bitter words, Carlito is afraid and does not hear.  I stay on bench and everyone angry with Carlito, you BAD…carlito, like whisper, I run and feel free and warmth of sun, but chains drag me through back – I am not free, Carlito must play, but smooth man say ‘no’ Carlito, Bad Carlito you belong me.  Smooth man pull on leash and I can’t breathe: you too fat, Carlito, you slow, Carlito.

I run away so hard I end up back in Manchester where the light is very thin and it rains.  They smile and say Good Carlito, have a treat; you thin, run very fast. Carlito home to shout COME ON you Blues, my family does like it, they say Welcome and their eyes are full. Carlito is BAC-k, Good Carlito, no chains that hurt my throat and hold me down in mud, COME on you Blues, Welcome home, Carlito.  Welcome To Manchestuuuuuuuurrrrrr.

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